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Ouran High School Host Club - The Drama

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at Ouran High School, just looking for a place to study. In her search, she stumbles across Music Room 3, which forever changes the course of her life. Why? Because there she meets the Host Club. But she ends up breaking a vase worth 8,000,000 yen, and in return, has to work as the Host Club's dog. None of them realize she is a girl (except for Kyoya). Later on, the members discover Haruhi's appeal behind her large glasses and messy hair. So, to pay off her debt, she becomes a Host Club member instead.

Now allow me to explain what this is. There have been (erroneous) rumours of a live action version of Ouran, which got me thinking recently about who would play who. This is in no way a report or anything factual, just me playing around with ideas and thought it might be interesting. Here goes!



Haruhi Fujioka is an exceptional scholarship student at Ouran High School. She has a dream she wants to fulfill by going there. However, one day when she accidentally breaks an $80,000 dollar vase, she has to pay back the Host Club. At first, the members believe she's a boy, so she works as the host club's dog before actually becoming a host herself. When all the members figure out she's a girl, she continues to work in disguise to pay off her debt.
Maki has got to be Haruhi, she just has to. Have you seen the commercials for Hanazakari no Kimitachi he? The only difference is that Ouran is a co-ed school and Haruhi dresses like a guy 'cause it's cheaper, whereas her character in HanaKimi has to dress like a guy to fit in at the all-boys school. I can just see Maki easily winning the 'Which One is Hikaru?' game, and the character of Haruhi just fits her really well. Also Haruhi's father is a freaky crossdressing dude. That's just awesome right there.


Tamaki Suoh is a second-year student at Ouran High School, who established the Host Club when he first entered the private school. He is the self-proclaimed "king" of the club aka president. He is also the school board chairman's son, and takes second-place for mid-terms in his year every time. He is an only child and part of a highly influential family that has plenty of money. Though he is wealthy, he is not careless with money. He is also half-French and half-Japanese.
Suou was hard to cast, but I racked my brain for someone who can be both refined and somewhat silly, and could think of only MatsuJun. Who else could manage to play a character who has to put up with everything Suou does (never seeing his mother again so she can stay healthy, for example) and still manage to make the charm believable? I can't think of anyone. And besides, MatsuJun x Maki is just funny.


Kyoya Ohtori is a second-year student at Ouran High School, who was recruited to the Host Club when Tamaki established it. He is the club's vice-president, in charge of data - things like the request list and finances. He can be seen as the club's "Shadow King" behind Tamaki, since he takes charge of things from the background. He seems to be aware of all the coming and goings of anything concerning the Host Club (customers, events, etc). He maintains order when things get too out of hand, which is particularly useful since things get rowdy a lot. He also knows how to gain a profit out of everything.
This one is disgustingly obvious if you look at Hiro as Yahata in Watashitachi no Kyokasho. Maybe he's a little old for this role, but I think if this came up (and the cast around him worked well enough in his favour) then he could play Kyoya nicely. With straight hair and glasses, he has that awesome creepy mysterious aura about him that anyone playing Kyoya would definitely need.


Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are first-year students at Ouran High School. They are twins who have a very close, personal brotherly relationship. They used to think the world was filled with idiots until only a few years ago. Their world is very small, and it is only recently, when Tamaki recruited them into the club, that their world has expanded even just a little bit.
The twins have a certain technique when it comes to their clients. They play off on their extremely deep relationship as the customers love the forbidden thought of incest between them. They are very calculating in whatever they do since they think women are easy, the exact opposite of Tamaki. They do love to tease and flirt with the girls though. If something's interesting to them, they will go along with it, but once they're bored, they discard it.

Yes, one person for both twins. Camera tricks and similarly-built doubles for the win. Maybe it'd be easier to get actual twins to play this part, but I don't know - somehow I think Kame would do it well. I can really see him being dry like them, not caring in the slightest about the host club's customers but just doing it for the money... Or maybe I just want to see Kame-twins get intimate. AHEM. Though, one thing: while fans of the original manga and/or anime may not like it, please god Kame don't dye your hair orange for the role. Brown is fine.


Mitsukuni Haninozuka is a third-year student at Ouran High School, though you probably wouldn't know it at first glance. He is also the oldest member of the Host Club. He is extremely cute, but despite his size, don't be deceived. He is the National Middle School Champion in karate and judo. He is physically very strong, at least when angry. He knows how to defend himself and his friends.
Why so young in comparison to all the others? Well just look at Honey; he's tiny. He looks like a little kid and thus would need a little kid to play him. His VA in the anime is female anyway, that's gotta say something. Anyhow, just look at this guy. I'm not a huge Daiki fan, but if there's any kid I'd say would make a great Honey, it's him. Capable of being adorable and childish, or logical and serious, depending on what the situation calls for. And okay so maybe Daiki isn't the most adorable thing ever, but imo if he had to then he probably could.


Takashi Morinozuka is a third-year student at Ouran High School, who everyone calls "Mori". He is very quiet and sober, and rarely speaks or smiles. As the National Kendo Champion, he is physically very strong. He often picks Haruhi up like a bag of flour over his shoulder. He is almost like the tall, dark, and handsome type, though he doesn't speak often. He is in the Kendo Club, and only joined the Host Club because Hunny did.
I'll be perfectly honest and say that Yuu scares the crap out of me. He just looks like he could take a person out as soon as look at them if he so chose; he just chooses not to. Okay, so the image of him unfailingly protecting Daiki or being in love with Maki is slightly odd, but since it'd be Mori and not Yuu, that's okay. Also if he's there, Hiro won't look quite so odd.


Renge is a real "otaku" and fangirl, and has lived in France since she was ten. She is a particularly out-of-control character who likes to dramatize/romanticize things. When we first meet her, she believes Kyoya is her prince and she despises Tamaki. She becomes temporary manager of the Host Club in V1C3 since she likes to control people and situations. After a dramatic ending, Renge sets her sights on Haruhi, not realizing she is a girl. She continues to be a fangirl in all possible ways, and is extremely enthusiastic about it.
Yui would make an excellent Ouran otaku, just because she can come off as a total flake sometimes while still being really determined about something. Just like her character in Kurosagi, only with a whole bunch more obsession thrown in there. Would be hilarious.

Umehito is a cat lover and the president of the Black Magic Club. He is very sensitive to light, and therefore has to wear a cloak. Though creepy on the outside, underneath his cloak he is a very handsome blonde. He is never seen without his hand puppet, Bereznoff. He likes things to be spooky as he did to his private beach in V3C8. In addition, he has a little sister named Kirimi. He also has some kind of interest in Tamaki.
Okay, so he's not blonde. But he is definitely 'handsome', and could pull off the creepy bit pretty well in my opinion. Though I'm slightly intrigued as to how he'd fare with a hand puppet...

Kasanoda, or Casanova or even Bossa Nova as the other Host Club members dub him, is the son and successor of the third boss of the Kasanoda family, the most powerful yakuza family in Tokyo. He was raised to be tough and scary by his father, so he could become the most powerful boss of this century. His speech and appearance became extremely scary as a result, and he came to be alone. He has no idea how to communicate well with others and get them to like him as his mean appearance intimidates everyone. Therefore, he seeks Mori's help as he wants to know the silent host's secret in gaining so much popularity when he's expressionless, uncommunicative, and always has a tough look in his eyes.
The kind-hearted yakuza with communication issues; a role Mocomichi was born for. Haha, but really, just look at the guy - he'd kick ass in this role, especially since he's so damn huge and would just tower over everyone all the time. Also, he ends up with a huge crush on Haruhi (like who doesn't?) but keeps it to himself out of respect for their friendship. That'd be fun to see. ♥

And that's about all! Looking at this excellent cast I really hope there is a live action version at some point. XD The manga is as yet unfinished in Japan, BUT it has a finished anime. Don't ask me how that works because I haven't read the manga (or seen all of the anime), but it has to work somehow and thus a live action version is entirely possible! Or maybe not, but just look at this. Chuck all these awesome people in there and you've got to have something resembling a watchable drama.

I had so much fun writing this that I hardly care if nobody finds it even remotely interesting. XD All stuff in italics is taken from For Richer or Poorer, caps are from there too. And I didn't find this out until after I'd finished, but apparently Maki and Hiro were rumoured to be playing Haruhi and Kyoya. XD I love that. ♥
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